Huffpo slanders deceased Otto Wambier

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Huffington Post wrote a story about the recently past away Otto Wambier, thats gaining tractiion, post mortem. The article is a horrible representation of all thats wrong with identity politics. One article can be displayed as the culmination of all thats bad with identity politics, and its this one.

The Daily Caller wrote an article about it, with the headline implying that Otto got what he deserved, because he was white. To everyone's shock, the HuffPo article not only implies this, but just flat out states the idea. When referencing Otto, the author La Sha, says this:

"That kind of reckless gall is an unfortunate side effect of being socialized first as a white boy"

Apperntly, a simple prank like stealing souvienier, is worthy of being slowly tortured and eventually killed...according to "La Sha" and The Huffington Post.

The author continues down this dark rabbit hole of identity politics and 'social justice', by calling Otto a drug addict, who was addicted to the high of privelage.

"....privilege is a hell of a drug"


" The high of privilege told him..."

Really, La Sha?

Overall, this article did not age well, and now that Otto has died, I hope Huffington Post has some decency, and takes this rag down.