Who Is Deep Root Analytics?

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Deep Root Analytics, the company behind the largest data leak ever recorded was virtually unkown until Chris Vickery of UpGuard security found a public database containing information on 193 million individuals.

The server that hosted the sensitive information in such a haphazard fashion, was owned by the company "Deep Root Analytics". This GOP-allied data miner was founded, mainly in response to the lack of data-driven campaigns among GOP candidates.

The cofounder of the company, Alex Lundry, a graduate from Georgetown University, proudly displays his profile on

Named one of the top 50 influencers in his profile and "one of the country’s leading experts on media and voter analytics", Alex Lundry bears the title "CO-FOUNDER & CHIEF DATA SCIENTIST" at Deep Root Analytics.

The Senior Database Analyst, most likely the person directly responsible for database management, and oversight of the data, is DANIELLE MENDHEIM.

The Domain is registered to Luke Frans, who was a former Bush staffer from 2003 - 2009. His main motif is swaying Hispanics to vote Red. This is odd, because Chris Vickery, the data breach discoverer, was credited with discovering another trove of voter information, on Mexican voter records.

Deep Root Analytics has released a statement on their website, addressing the incident. Notable mentions in the statement point to a hiring of a cyber security firm,Stroz Friedberg.