Republican Data Aggregate Drops The Ball

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Republican's have been refining their digital effort, after witnessing the success of the Obama campaign, and the campaign's data-driven strategy. Now, political canditates appeal to the data, in efforts to make smarter, more beneficial decisions, instead of stumping and spending money on campaign ads in swing states.

This leak of information is troubling, seeing how it has information on almost every single voter in America, and identifies them by a unique hash. While collecting this data is creepy enough, whats even more shocking is that it was stored on a unsecure server, allowing access to anyone that found it.

After the server was discovered by Chris Vickery, the owner of the server, Deep Root Analytics, has made is secure. The companies involved, along with Deep Root, include Target Point, and Data Trust. While Target Point and Data Trust supply the information, Deep Root Analytics turns it into actionable information, for the GOP. On the server, there was a file that only contained information from Ohio and Flordia, two of the most crucial swing states in any campaign.